Recombinant DNA Technology (The Cutting and Pasting Of DNA)

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DNA Recombination/Recombinant DNA (rDNA) refers to the combination, and insertion of DNA molecules from different organisms/ sources into another organism so as to produce an entirely new combination. Recombinant DNA technology is the technology that involves the joining or Altering of DNA molecule in organisms to generate products such as food, medications and other relevant products for the use of humans.

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Before we continue, let me give a little meaning to what DNA means. For biologists this should be something familiar but for others I will give a little explanation. Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is the molecular materials responsible for genetic and hereditary information in organisms. This molecular material contains unique genetic codes that have series of information an organism need to feed, reproduce and develop.

This technology is fast growing with researchers around the world developing new approaches and devices to help make recombinant DNA possible in different sectors including agriculture, health, and environment. Recombinant DNA technology was first invented from Werner Arber’s discovery of restriction enzymes in bacteria to degrade viral DNA molecule. Scientist realized that DNA could be cut and pasted from one organism to another.

Steps in Recombinant DNA

In getting new molecular instructions through from several organisms or sources to another organism, certain tools are required. These tools are Enzymes, vectors and the host organism. The enzymes are needed to cut, synthesize, and bind DNA molecules.

The DNA is found within the cell membrane of the cell of an organism coupled with other macromolecules such as the RNA, polysaccharides, Lipid and protein. In other to break out the DNA from these macronutrient, certain enzymes are required for this purposes. Enzymes such as lysosome (to break down bacteria cell wall), or the Cellulase (to break plant cell wall), Chitinase (for breaking fungi cell wall), Ribonuclease (to remove RNA), Protease (to remove protein).


Recombinant DNA technology isn’t complete if there is no cutting of one or more DNA and pasting it into another organism. In getting this done, the use of restriction enzymes are necessary. Restriction enzymes act as blades or scissors to DNA at specific locations. Using Agarose Gel Electrophoresis reveals the process of restriction enzyme digestion.

Once the DNA is cut, copies of the DNA is multiplied using DNA polymerase, this process is called Polymerase Chain Reaction after which ligation of the DNA molecule follows with the vector of interest using DNA ligase. A recombinant DNA is the resulting DNA formed from the ligation of the DNA and the Vector. The process of not complete if the recombinant DNA is not introduced into a host cell, a process called Transformation

Importance of Recombinant DNA Technology
Recombinant DNA technology has been able to create cloning of several organisms which have been useful in diverse application from mapping out human genome, food and agriculture such as producing novel enzymes which are suitable for food processing, Gene therapy, production of antibodies, Investigation of drug metabolism and Development of vaccines and recombinant hormone.

In conclusion, Recombinant DNA technology has proven to be an important development in the world of science with the aim to make human lives easier. With Recombinant DNA in the recent years, it will be useful in biomedical applications such as the treatment of cancer, diabetics and genetic disorder.

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This topic can be quite specialized and requires the management of technical terminology to understand it, your post is quite educational in that regard.

Thanks for reading my post, i am sure you enjoyed it.

You're Welcome!

Thanks a lot.

This is an amazing topic. Genetic coding will become the saving grace for health issues like diabetes, anemia and genetic related diseases and disorders the future

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Understanding this post requires a great level of scientific knowledge, you have done justice to this post, well done.

Thanks a lot. I am glad you were able to read it. I hope you understood it.

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I love these genetics issues. They're something I've been fascinated by ever since I had the chance to study them.

I had a professor at the university, who specialized in enzyme two postgraduate courses in Germany on this subject, and even worked in laboratories of international order, told me the following:

He extracted the gene that allows a fish living in the deep sea to withstand sub-zero temperatures and inserted it into the DNA of an onion. He managed to produce an onion that can grow in any climatic condition. This is SCIENCE friend @futurekr

Thank you for sharing this topic, not easy for most, but it is very well addressed.

Science is beautiful. Having an onions that can grow in any condition as a result of genetic mutation caused by a cut and paste of DNA is amazing. I love the study of Genes and i am glad you liked my post.

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The subject is quite complicated and very delicate in terms of ethics and morals. Perhaps it is significant for biomedical purposes; however, we all know that these studies are generally carried out by laboratories in order to make a profit and sell them to the highest bidders, perhaps the military. Playing God is dangerous. There is a legend that says that the end of the civilization of Atlantis began when they started to replicate humans.

Sounds a little like science fiction. So was space travel less than 100 years ago.

Terrifying and interesting. Thank you for sharing :D

however, we all know that these studies are generally carried out by laboratories in order to make a profit and sell them to the highest bidders, perhaps the military

The essence of business in all deal.

SCIENCE is going wide and stronger. The ability to work on genes to create a new and better species is amazing.

Thanks for reading.

You're welcome :)

Wow, what a sophisticated and beautiful subject at the same time!
It is comforting to see these scientific topics here in our hive. Good that!

I will never forget the conversation I had that day with a great friend of mine, a university biologist who explained to me how genetic transmission occurs between cells by chromosome pairing.

We had that conversation while we were at the seashore. My wife was pregnant with our first child and I was very worried and nervous about it.
When my friend finished explaining the process to me and I understood how my son would have half of my genetic load and half of my wife's burden, I could only love even more that being that was brewing.

Genetics has always fascinated me. I think I should have studied biology or biogenetics at the university.

Thank you for sharing your work in our hive and being part of the Project Hope Family. Welcome!

Your friend, Juan.

1/2 of both parents is equality, genetics never cheats and that's why son had equal of both parents.

Science is fascinating and quite interesting. I am glad you liked the post also, it doesn't matter your field of study, what matters is loving science.

I love science!