The Big Bang Theory: Where did our Stone Age edge go?

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Unraveling mysteries is not something that is easy to do because, unlike the age where the earth matters, many are not really concerned about the preservation of humanity for what it really is based on its natural capabilities.
Don't you just wonder what it means when some of us talk about the past, the stone age and the times of the dinosaurs?

Did Dinosaurs really exist and then froze to their deaths?
Is there any truth in the assumption of a Big Bang Theory?
Did we ever have a stone age or was it just a myth as played out by some twisted individuals with a target to hand us a past that never was?

I wonder so sadly at how in today's educational curriculum from where I am from, history is no longer taught in schools and that just makes you wonder if a child born in the late 90s will ever be able to relate to the character of Fred Flintstones.

Yes, I said it Fred Flintstone and I am one very big fan of The Flintstones, an American animated sitcom produced by Hanna-Barbera for ABC which originally aired from September 30, 1960, until April 1, 1966.

Disclaimer: This is just some random thoughts of an individual who grew up around the 70s, (a time that can be considered the stone age by the young people of and the whole idea of me writing this piece out of a need to see if I cam connect with folks from that era and lets have some well deserved nostalgic moments about our our days were.
Please feel free to not read if it is too old for you.

I Feel Blessed!

The Stone Age.

Growing up in the 70s through the late 90s to me was the modern day stone age because, we practically had to do everything manually from getting dressed, making friends, sending messages and including saying 'Hi' to our loved ones.

Source-BoneACC BY-SA 4.0

The stone age is still to me one of the most innovative times the world. How can a period that is said to have lasted for 3.4 million years not mean a thing?
As a broad prehistoric period during which stone was widely used to make stuffs and practically lived on, it definitely has it very great importance to how things have evolve from then to now.

Imagine a world where everything was made with stones including the carts, cars, television, radio (if any) and their factories actually were quarries.
I learnt this from watching the TV sitcom series, The Flintstones.

Where did our stone age edge go?
Why are we acting like it was never here?
Who is trying to kill the stone age edge we all still have within us?

What is the big bang?

IMHO, The Big Bang Theory is story telling of a universe that has evolved from being more about a static place to one that evolved over time giving birth to the many new process changes that we witnesses through life and the likes of Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton, Louis Pasteur, Marie Curie Sklodowska, Thomas Alva Edison, Michael Faraday, Galileo Galilei, Nicolaus Copernicus and other great scientific minds worked hard to help us makes a sense of.

I first learnt about the creation and existence of the universe in Sunday School as a young lad and the stories were and still is so new every time and I just cannot stop looking at the process of creation till date.
I used to wonder so out loud what it would have been like had we all remained in the Garden of Eden; I still do as a matter of fact.

Since the 70s till date, we all must agree that there has been a larger than life large-scale evolution that has seen the replacement of what once was the best tools with the better and in 20 or so years from today, these awesome tools we see and use today thinking is the best, will be phased out completely.
Can you imagine how a child born 20 years from today will react to seeing an iPhone X or a 2019 Ferrari or Bugatti?

The Big Bang is also a model for the process at which great minds will watch the universe through its coming change process.

It is a cosmological model for the observable universe from the earliest known periods like from now till it goes through into the next phase of change that will become what nature knows.

Are we over the stone age and is our bug bang a burst?

The big bang is more than what the words mean and to many, it is a sure indication that, there was life way before we ever thought it was.
The stories about Dinosaurs, Ogres, Trolls, Mammoths, Dragons, Gnomes, Megacerops etc are not mere stories, they actually may have existed at a point in history.
What about the chicken being a descendant of the Dinosaur? Story for another day.

The Big Bang TV series theme song and my thought process about evolution.

  • Really?
  • Our whole universe was in a not dense state?
  • Did expansion really started 14 billions years ago?
  • Did the Neanderthals really walked the face of the earth?
  • What happened to the Dinosaurs the Ogres, the Gnomes, the Fairies, the Dragons etc?
  • Does anything even make sense with the way we have all come to know what life is and what it may eventually becomes?
I will pay a thousand more bucks to see one of these mythical creatures in person.

Make the world a better place for someone today!

Video-Youtube and other such definitions and names of scientist are as found online and also through knowledge of who they were and still are.

Hello @ejemai thank you for using the realityubs tag, indeed when we look at evolution there's so much to fathom, I'm a 90's kid so there's a lot I can't probably relate too from the 70's...but I'm glad I saw the transition from land telephone lines to mobile phones, for me, that was revolutional. Just the other day, I saw a documentary about Elon Musk's scientist working on a neuron device that will kill the existence of keyboards, some kids will never know the keyboard.

20 years from now there will probably be fish droids.

Your review about the stone age and evolution all the same was interesting and easy to read, we look forward to your next review.

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I like that you saw the transition from landlines to mobile phones and it would have been more rad had you witnessed the transition of from crow messaging to postal services lol.

The things we see now that makes so many think we have arrived at the height of innovation will becomes so flawed tomorrow that you will wonder why all the fuss now.

Stay awesome!

I am also saddened by the current science curriculum which is poorer than in my past. Luckily there is now an internet that can facilitate our various questions about history and evolution, with reading resources that are currently difficult to find through hard-copy.

Thank you for sharing this topic, @ejemai

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I think I will pick the 'stone age' kind of learning to the present one where the government of the day can restrict what we can learn now.
The internet has been a blessing and we are able to go back to learning like we should and in the coming years, it will be better.

Thanks for stopping by and Stay Awesome!