Truth Telling in Climate Science

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It's not easy to forget the deaths of 50 million people, but we have managed it. A global drought in the 1870s caused mass starvation in South America, Africa and Asia, but the event doesn't even have a Wikipedia page. Now it seems the drought was triggered by a never-before-seen combination of climate events. While rare, the drought was entirely natural so it could easily happen again.

A freak 1870s climate event caused drought across three continents

One of the mistakes everyone makes is seeing reality through a lens that only sees the present and is blind to the past. We hear news from around the world that notes a drought or flood, and the media or people with a vested interest in alarming people shout, "Climate Change." I can recall when the snow drifted over the electrical wires during the seventies. When I look at the news about the weather this past year, they talk about record-breaking heat records and the droughts that were the consequence. Of course, we are blamed for the amount of CO2 we have produced as the cause.

Shouldn't we also consider events in the past that have nothing to do with CO2? If you hear about anyone claiming that something is unprecedented - consider they might be wrong.


I am often shocked by the things that wikipedia declares to be insignificant. They consider every song on the top 40 charts to be significant while ignoring 50 million deaths.

Essentially wikipedia concentrates on stories that fit popular narratives and ignores the rest.