It Pretty Hard To Not Think It Is A Conspiracy

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This is the second in the Friends of Science talks. This one is entitled Politicians Can't Stop Climate Change or "Green New Deal: The Great Regret."
I have been rebutting Climate Alarmists on Twitter for months now. I can never been clear on whether they have a vested interest in promoting the narrative or just deluded.
Morano does make a fair comparison of the narrative being spun around COVID-19 and climate change. You must become suspicious when someone asserts that the science is settled.

First in the series here


I've been interested in the climate debate since the days when the Left warned of global cooling.

The geologic record of the earth shows that the earth's climate changes. The fact that one finds seashells on mountain tops and that color of layers of sediment changes through the years proves that the climate changes.

The question isn't whether or not climate changes. The big question is if socialism would bring about perfect climate.

Countries with a free market tend to produce more with less resources than communist countries.

There are issues that should be addressed. In almost all cases the free market will produce better results than a regulated economy.