How To Build A Flying Saucer.

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Building a flying saucer is really, really simple.

(Well, maybe simplex, because the actual mechanics of flowing millions of volts is hard)

As Nikola Tesla stated, the electrical condensor (capacitor as it is now, mistakenly called) is natures motive force.

Or as Otis T Carr stated, "...the interchangeable forces of electro-magnetism and gravity..."

Of course, none of this works if you accept the notion that gravity is due to mass, and that we are on a giant ball of earth that is pulling us down. I hope that i have put enough holes in this theory to allow you to unshackle your minds from its tar-like grasp.

There are several ways to lose weight.
Charging a condensor to millions of volts.
Spin a gyroscope, clockwise, at a high RPM.

Adolf Hitler was working on the second using super-fluids; known as the Nazi Bell

Nazi Bell

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Otis T. Carr was working on the first. (millions of volts method)

Otis T. Carr, a student of Nikola Tesla, was building a flying saucer until... he just disappeared.
On the day he was supposed to unveil his flying saucer, no one heard from him again, except for a recorded message played at the social gathering that was being held that night for the unveiling.

Carr was using condensors charged by special generators to achieve flight of his saucers.

Otis T. Carr Flying Saucer Details
Otis T. Carr's Flying Saucer Inner Workings

All you have to do to achieve flight is to charge the condensors to millions of volts. EASY!

Unfortunately, there are all kinds of mechanical problems such as, just charging the condensor is doing things the hard way. Cycling the condensor at the rate of the local vibration achieves better results with less energy. Cycling millions of volts is not an easy task.

And then you have difficulties with surfaces of your flying saucer. They get charged both by the condensors near them and by moving through air, and unless you want to be struck out of the sky by lightening (like some space shuttle) then you will have to deal with these charges.

There, you see? Building a flying saucer is easy

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And yes, The US not-so military has many flying saucers.

You can see them flying with a pair of night vision goggles just after sunset.
Or you can go to ThemTube where there are several videos people have made through their night vision goggles.

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