Telepathy? No, just Neuralink brain chip ;)

in #science9 months ago (edited)

Once upon a time there was a nerd boy.

Many years later, this boy is known for his projects such as SpaceX, Tesla, his youngest baby.s name and investment in Bitcoin :)
Personally, I would agree that Elon gives me any name if that would be compensated with Tesla car, space trip and job at Neuralink :D

"Our goal is to enable a person with paralysis to use a computer or phone with brain activity alone” is said to be the goal of brain implant project.
My goal is to improve outcomes of education and have script for it, just waiting for Elon to finish job transfer paperwork and citizenship for me LOL

And they lived happily ever after; Elon, implanted animals, implanted pupils and me.
And Jeff.

photo: one of the comments of given video screenshot