Science is fun - Crowdsourcing: let.s play Foldit

in #science3 months ago

Together we are stronger can be interpreted in a different ways but in this case, we can be stronger than limited amount of scientists that fights many battles on different fronts to improve quality of life.
I know about some local projects that are/were using crowdsourcing but this one...omg how I missed it?! :)

Foldit is a protein folding game, developed by the University of Washington.s Institute for protein design, which tasks players with solving puzzles by creating a protein structure that can interact with another protein in a given way.
Considering that during last two years burning topic is SARS-CoV-2, ongoing game is the first step in developing antiviral drugs. Goal is binding the coronavirus.s spike protein, which it uses to infect human cells.


There are many other games, for those are who are sick and tired of corona and want to help finding the drugs/cure for some other diseases :)

Do you already know about this game?
Did someone play(ed) it?

Can we make crowdsourcing game on Hive :wonder:

P.S. Corona virus song by Belle or how to modernize fairy-tale (hint>she is gonna kill the beast in the prince with the virus :P :D )


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