Is the situation on our planet beyond repair?

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An issue that most people do not think about and most of those who think conclude that this is not their problem. I think it is question and problem for all of us because our planet does not need us, we need it.
Why we think that is not our problem? Because of looking short term on development of our civilization: no apocalypse will happen during my life, so why bother? Overall looking, life has never been better for humans.
For humans. Now.
What about all other life on the planet that is not humans? Those who think that they are not equally valuable should think, if not ethically, at least practically: what wouldn.t be possible without it?
Recently, we can here everywhere that all lives matter. In that context we don.t think about other form of lives. The truth is precisely the literal meaning of the sentence all lives matter.

The fact is that every action has consequences; the fact is that every resource has its limit; the fact is that humans are part of the bigger system and what affects the system affects us.
Climate crisis, environmental crisis, social crisis, economic crisis, health crisis are connected.
Results of our previous actions are very visible and measurable. We are the ones who are breathing polluted air, we are the ones who are using polluted water and ground, we are the ones who are suffering in ongoing pandemics... Humans are ones who are damaging ecosystems and changing balance between species.

The answer to the question is it beyond repair is Murphy's seventh law: Left to themselves, things tend to go from bad to worse.
Not, not pessimistic, just another way to formulate one of universal principles of life and Universe: entropy.
Meaning, hoping for better is not enough. Change takes time and effort. A bunch of enthusiasts cannot make enormous changes; many of them are suffering or losing their lives just because they stay on the way of greed.

Talking about powerful players, as long as cheaper and does not pay off (e.g. it is too much of investment to construct wastewater and air purifier, let.s just leak them) are main words for making decisions, it is going to be too expensive for all of us. And our descendants.
Talking about us, common people, just if everyone would put a trash where it should, it would be big step forward.

But hey, who cares about the trees, ground, air, seas, oceans, during pandemics?!

Everything can be excuse; it is on every person itself to decide on their use.

Conclusion: situation is bad but imo is not beyond repair if we all, individually and together, take right actions for the cause of improving our planet and our lives.

What do you think?