Infinitely Infinite Infinity (Or ix For Short) - A New Theory Of Everything

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In 2012, scientists working with the Large Hadron Collider at C.E.R.N. discovered the highly anticipated Higgs Boson (also known as the God Particle).  But its mass wasn't anywhere near what they were expecting.  If it had been higher or lower by even a little bit then scientists would have favoured either M-Theory or Super-Symmetry (the two prominent physics theories at the time, one was predicting a higher mass and the other was predicting a lower mass).  But as it turns out, the Higgs Boson has a mass of 125 GeV, which places it directly in the middle between the M-Theory and Super-Symmetry theories.

It was as if God was teasing the mathematicians.  Both M-Theory and Super-Symmetry were ways of trying to express Infinity.  With M-Theory there would have been infinite parallel universes; and with Super-Symmetry there would have always been more smaller particles for scientists to discover, because the Universe could scale-down infinitely.  Both theories were elegant in their own way, but they lacked the 'Big Picture' perspective.

With the Higgs Boson having its mass right in the middle of where those two theories predicted, scientists were dumbfounded.  People had staked their entire careers on one theory or another, and now somehow both or neither theory was true.  So how then are we supposed to express Infinity (that's what it boils down to, right)?  Well, I've got a theory...

Let's say that infinity is infinite in infinite ways.  Not just one way or another, not even just both, but infinity is infinite in every way.  After all, why would something that's infinite be limited to simply one kind of anything?  So that means there's infinite other Universes and some of them really can scale infinitely, and somewhere out there has to be unicorns and leprechauns; and everything else that could ever be imagined would be real somewhere out there in Infinity.  But not only that, because everything we could ever imagine would just fit into a tiny corner of what's really out there.

This theory could explain literally everything, because with infinitely infinite infinity everything would be possible somewhere, even if something's not possible in this universe it could still happen in many other universes with different laws of physics.

But what's a scientific theory without Mathematics?  This would normally be the part where I show you some long drawn-out equation to try and prove my theory.  But the equation for Infinitely Infinite Infinity is so simple it could fit on a postage stamp.  Here it is:

I(X) = X/I
Or spelled out in plain English: Infinity times anything equals that thing divided by infinity.

What do you think?  Can anybody out there come up with a scientific experiment to prove me right or wrong?  They say it'll take thousands of years to prove or disprove String Theory, let's hope it won't take that long for this one.



I totally agree with You in the "whats out there"...
And Yes Folks, Everything you can imagine does exsist - or you couldn't imagine it,
And Yep...
Theres even a whike bunch more 5han "Any" of us can imagine!
Thanks for the post!


That looks like it stems from old (Einstein) discussions of a constantly dividing reality wherein every possibility explored, taken to the IXth degree or, rather, expressed perhaps more explicitly. I don't think you're the first person to come up with this idea.

I'm no mathematician, but shouldn't there be exponential growth factored in?

If i remember correctly, the Higgs Boson is what gives weight to atomic objects.

I think with this knowledge we can now make objects without atomic weight, which means hover boards are not far away!

It is true that Higgs Boson give mass, but not all mass in our universe is given by Higgs Boson.

So there are multiple particles giving atomic weight? What are the others?


Wow you put this in such a way that even I could sort of understand what you were talking about hahahaa. This is a really cool idea and I love that God puts these little jokes into His creation! So cool to think about

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Too much thinking for me... Wow. Thousand years until we can figure if it's even right?

Wow. Voted!

The answer is super asymmetry theory- as they put it in The Big Bang Theory:)
There is no such thing, of course, but wouldn't it be nice if it was proved right?

Very good article. Did you finish studies in physics or study physics?

I study mathematics. Just ended semester I have been attending Set Theory course. Cardinal numbers are powers of sets. You probably know, that the power of natural numbers is the same as integer numbers and even the same as rational numbers and even the same as algebraic numbers.
But in Zermelo-Fraenkl theory, there is no set of all cardinal numbers. But we also know, that there is no biggest cardinal number, it follow from axiom of power set. From the other side, in ZF (even ZFC with added axiom of choice) we cannot prove or disprove existence of "big cardinal numbers". Big cardinal number is cardinal number such that if set X has power less than it, then also power set of X has power less than it. (and it holds for every set with cardinal number less than it).
I can write more but I dont know if You are interested in reading it :)
I probably have less physics knowledge than You, last year I read popular Christopher's Galfard book. And I've just bought cheap ebook in differential geometry, which is strongly used in physics :)

Thank you so much for your comment. I didn't go to college, but I learned a lot from reading online. And I would love to hear more about math.
What did you think of the ix equation? I realize that it also works with the number 1 as i, but it was sort of intended to express how different directions in Infinity all kind of point the same way. Multiplication and division would have the same result when dealing with Infinity because both results would be an infinitely long set of values. With Infinity there's no beginning or end, so every infinitely long value set matches every other infinitely long value set, even if we don't see any matches from our finite perspective.
Like for example, from Infinity's point of view, Pi and Tau (if it's true that they're both infinitely long in base ten) are the exact same sequence of digits, just with the decimal place in a different spot.
I know that people say Pi doesn't even repeat, but I think it's incredibly narrow-minded; and I'm pretty sure they're only parroting what mathematicians say about our finite data-set of Pi (we may not have found the repetition yet, but we haven't even begun to approach Infinity yet either). Anything finite in infinity would have to have infinite instances because Infinity is infinite.
It's like how a hotel with an infinite number of guests would have an infinite number of you's and an infinite number of me's staying there. But if there were only ten possible people (like in base ten math) then the Infinity Hotel Guest Book would have an endless (and beginning-less) list of the same ten people checking in an infinite number of times in every possible order that they could arrive in.
So then that should also mean that if there's an Infinity Ghetto Cardboard Box where an infinite number of instances of all ten people (base ten still) had slept, then an exact copy of the Infinity Hotel's Guest Book should be scribbled on the inner wall of the Infinity Ghetto Cardboard Box, maybe in the form of "Mr One was here", and "Two wuz here too, dude", and even "For a good time call Three", and so on... But here's the thing, since infinity doesn't have a beginning or end, then both lists would have the same people (or numbers if we're talking about math) in-the-exact-same-order, it would line up perfectly no matter what order people thought they were arriving in.
Whenever someone says "nuh-uh, that doesn't match", just zoom out into Infinity until it lines up ;)
Someone might say, "Well just keep zooming out even more until it doesn't match, and then what?", but really though, who's to say which Finite representation of the Infinite curve is the 'correct' representation to represent Infinity if they're all valid Finite representations? It's a little bit like wondering which Rick is the Rickiest Rick. (Maybe some Ricks might have PhD's and other Ricks might have cancer, but maybe academic success comes easily to Rick's but cancer, while scary, could lead to a life-changing existential epiphany. Who's to say which Rick is the Rickiest?) Besides, if you just zoom out again, even more farther still, then you'll eventually run into other islands of matches where everything lines up with everything else again.

When it comes to Pi, it is proven that EVERY finite sequence of ziphers occurs in decimal representation of Pi. And therefore, every finite sequence occurs infinitely many times, because every finite sequence is subsequence of arbitrarily many longer sequences, which also occur there. So for example, in Pi we can have sequence of '0123456789' repeated 10^(24^(576^(21860))) times!!! But it does not happen for any irrational real number.
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If the Higgs boson is found, does Einstein's theory collapse? I'm Korean so I'm not good at English so please understand.

Hi @silvergrifin007, that's a good question. I wasn't sure how to give a good answer so I had to do a little research. Basically the M in Einstein's famous equation E = Mc^2 represents mass. And mass is what the Higgs Boson gives to particles.
There was a fraction of a second after the Big Bang before the Higgs Field and Higgs Bosons were created though, so for that time Energy can't be calculated by that equation based on Mass.
I believe that without the Higgs Boson the Universe would be a much different place, because nothing would have come together to form atoms and molecules.
Then again, Einstein had a lot of different theories, maybe you were referring to a different one? But as far as I know, the discovery of the Higgs Boson confirms what Einstein was saying.

(With Google Translator, I hope this helps)
안녕하세요 @ silvergrifin007, 좋은 질문입니다. 나는 좋은 대답을하는 방법을 잘 몰랐기 때문에 약간의 연구를해야했다. 기본적으로 아인슈타인의 유명한 방정식 E = Mc ^ 2에서 M은 질량을 나타냅니다. 그리고 질량은 iggs 스 보손이 입자에게주는 것입니다.
Bang 스 필드 (Higgs Field)와 iggs 스 보손 (Higgs Bosons)이 만들어지기 전에 빅뱅 (Bang Bang)이 지나간 후 ​​1 분의 1의 시간이 있었기 때문에, 에너지는 질량에 기초한 방정식으로 계산 될 수 없습니다.
나는 Bo 스 보손 (Higgs Boson)이 없다면 우주는 훨씬 다른 장소가 될 것이라고 믿습니다. 왜냐하면 원자와 분자를 형성하기 위해 어떤 것도 함께 모이지 않았기 때문입니다.
다시 아인슈타인은 다른 이론을 많이 가지고 있었는데 아마도 다른 이론을 언급하고 있었을까요? 그러나 내가 아는 한, iggs 스 보손의 발견은 아인슈타인의 말을 확인시켜줍니다.

Thank you for your answer.

The Universe can´t scale-down infinitely, because the smallest it can go is Planck space.

This probably isn't one of the Universes that can scale infinitely. Maybe other Universes can scale if their laws of physics are different than ours.

Good work my dear and thanks

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