Riffvlog on Climate Emergency (Crisis What Crisis).

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Hey, there Steemit...Another vlog in this series...

In a way, capitalism is able to homogenize everything into a bland meaningless quest for stuff...Even civilizations demise will not withstand this tendency built into the system of economics known as capitalism; which at its core is the monetization of everything, fueled by an insatiable economic model.


For visitors here who view the video - do not allow them to panic you before you learn all the truth.

I am not going to tell you what the truth is because I respect your right to find out for yourself.

Do a number of searches (not directly through google, as they are hiding the sites that do not agree with their marxist viewpoints, use duckduckgo), looking for scientists and their opinions on climate change.

As for capitalism only caring about profits...who are the capitalists? The large corporations? But they are all working against the people of this world, poisoning us with the food, water and air, while demanding we convert to globalism, which is Corporate Marxism.

Corporate Marxism is far, far worse than the Soviet communism.

Learn for yourself, stop listening to others (including me), look to scientists and to people who believe in Mankind and decency and patriotism. Not the traitors who are using islam to destroy the world - once they have succeeded, they also plan to destroy all islamists, for, to them, they are only tools. Unless you are a billionaire, you are not safe, so open your eyes and learn to question everything.

I'm not quite sure what you're on about, sir...but I said many of the same things you did. It's not capitalism anymore; it's economic fascism or Corporate Marxism works well, too. I agree they've taken control of the food supply and are disrupting healthy biological systems.
But to say it's Islam is rediculous although they do have a roll in it.
The primary antagonists are billionaire Jews, but they have many accomplices now.

This is a must-watch​ if you want to understand the who:

I just want to be clear that pollution is a serious. serious problem, but equally important is an economic emergency...The scale of externalization now has to be staggering--they're lining their pockets today with the tragedy of tomorrow. That is a deadly mental virus.