13 Friday the 13ths!

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I've not been feeling well and this cool weather has my brain chemicals in a mess but I'll try to get this out there.

I like the International Fixed Calendar idea and it's been around in various incarnations for centuries and the Sethite Gnostic Mark Cordova is riffing on his version. I'll link below a previous post on this.

Here's the thing: calendars are somewhat arbitrary. We have to follow two different cycles: the moon around the earth and the earth around the sun and these are complex relationships.

Islam, like the Chinese, has a lunar calendar, and every three years they need to insert a leap month to keep the seasons coherent. This is because the lunar cycle is 29.5 days times 12 which comes up short of 365.

It gets further complicated by the 19.5-year Metonic cycle which has been known since Babylon and this aligns the lunar calendar to an arbitrary starting point in the sky. The Hebrew calendar has long used this method of calculation for the lunar/solar cycles.

Here's the rub, though: a 28 by 13 calendar really doesn't add up to moon cycles (research what I said above). But it could work as a calendar and many have thought it a good idea including myself, but once again this could only be used as an analogy to the female as the physics don't jive. Hell, there would be months that didn't even have a full moon if we used this calendar. So it's hardly the perfect ordering of Sophia.

So Mark is making some claims there that I'm skeptical of (and you should be, too) but all in all, I align with much that he says as a Gnostic. But he's overreaching on this one and I'm not sure why as his claims can be easily debunked on this specific issue.

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Okay get well soon!