Interface Installed (fiction short)

in #sci-fi3 years ago

She felt the small protrusion on the back of her neck. The single stitch poking her finger slightly, but no pain otherwise. The procedure took only about 15 minutes - about half as long as it took to get uptown on her new Specialized Norco e-bike.

A sudden jolt of endorphins made her heart race a few beats faster and she had to catch her breath at the thought of what was about to happen. She paired her iAndroid to the device and opened the Alexa-Neurolink BCI app.

Instantly her world changed. She shut her eyes - the bottom of her brainstem tantalized by the information flow from the device. Shivers up her spine. She placed the phone back in her purse and thought, “send a message to my brother - I’m online now too.”

A moment later he responded, “Welcome sis! Want to meet up for lunch? Open the Brain-Waze way finder app and meet me at this location.”

She did so and a string of dots appeared in front of her on the ground, leading to the cafe. She smiled, played her EDM classics playlist on Spotify-Mind and turned on her bike. ETA 6 minutes. “I’m on my way.”

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