SBD rockets past $1, but where will it go next?

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For those of you wondering if SBD was going to stop at $1 here is your answer. While it may not stay above $1 for the immediate future we can be sure of the recent furious uptrend and now that we have so clearly passed this marker I am all the more convinced we will not maintain the price of $1.

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Korea's Upbit exchange is exclusively responsible for this price action, with a reported 24h volume of $1.6 million. Not a scratch on 2nd place Bittrex with just $6,614.

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Am guessing there are many of you reading this who were not using the platform back in Nov/Dec 2017 when SBD went parabolic as a result of Korea's Upbit?

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I say this because there seems to be a belief that SBD will somehow magically retain its 'correct' price. To clarify, when one exchange has all the volume there is very little anyone can do to keep it at $1. Like any coin it can be pumped & dumped.

So, be wary of this! But at the same time be prepared to take profits on the way up if you have SBD in your wallet.

Great to see STEEM rocketing too!

Happy days all round :)

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Agreed. I’m just happy to see Steem doing better :)

I would say you are not alone there ;)

And I expect we are about to see all those inactive accounts spring back to life!

I started seeing the rapid decline of postings at $.87, so maybe "they" will let us bloggers earn a little more steem before having to share the reward pool.

Best would be if they all came back and bought in to make up for all the blogging and gaming rewards they didn't make. That would be cool.

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For sure they will be back, but like most people I expect they will be hoping to earn a free buck. Those who invest will do best!

I love the ride. I remember when she went to 14$. It was scary and fun

I remember making the mistake of selling way too much SBD when it was at $2.

Won't be making that mistake again ;)

Good to see it going up.

Will be interesting to see where it will go after today's mooted big announcement...

Thanks for pointing me to your account! Very interesting stuff. Especially that last one. Good to see the price reacting positively to the news ;)

I guess you have now seen the announcement now - Tron has just bought Steemit Inc from Ned...

Exactly what that means for STEEM and the Steem blockchain is uncertain although Justin Sun of Tron has said Steem will move to the Tron blockchain. I would have thought the witnesses have to agree to that.

Yes I focused on that one specifically and have just read Jusin's intro post. Interesting times! Not too sure what I think about Justin himself. Did you catch the recent film of him drunk at a meet-up, calling TRON a shit coin?

Yes, good bit of film making... 😀

I remember that moment, back in the days, when SBD was around 8 US dollars for a short while. Just then I had my largest payout on a post ever ( about 80 SBD ). I didn't know how to take profit and before I had subscribed to an exchange, the price had halfed. I dreamt of earning thousands of dollars a month for blogging but the dream was short lived.

These days I'm a different person and I feel highly positive about the crypto space and life in general. That lesson was very much needed.

P.S. I like to think that the patient ones are rewarded eventually.
It's almost like meditation ;>)

I feel that too. The lesson was hard at the time but certainly needed and so too was the two year gap in earnings which granted me lots of time to organise & prepare. Like you bro, I am super excited about the future and can feel now that I have done enough. It is like a weight off my shoulders and today I have been breading deep and smiling at the sun. With my shoes off ;)

And then Tron / Justin Sun purchased Steemit...

Not sure what to think. Fingers crossed.

Make sure to keep enjoying your breading and sun smiling.

There's still a world outside crypto and the markets ;>)

You know it. And the world outside crypto is so very bright :)

Planted loads of onion & garlic today!

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Dude. You are not doing yourself (or God) any favours by spamming everyone.

But if you go to their youtube video, and leave a comment they will give you full upvotes!!! lol. I wonder how Jesus feels about us having to acknowledge him on social media for $$

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Their upvotes have absolutely no power at all. It would be better not to encourage them and their spamming.

I will make my comment more clear since everyone reading does not get my sense of humor. This spam is annoying and them offering to take us off the platform in exchange for pennies is even more annoying.

I understood ;)