Where in the World is Lunatic Pandora?

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Hello there Hive! Maybe you remember me, maybe you don't - I have always been more active in the shadows than in the spotlight but I've been away for a good while and for good reasons!

I've gone thru a couple of life-changing things in the last couple of months that barely left me any time at all to really write and participate on Hive, of course, I was still managing my votes in the backend and doing a thing here or there but nothing like back in the days where I posted daily or had a really active participation with @ocd.

In the past couple of months, I have moved to a different country, I have changed roles in my job with Saito which entailed a couple of new responsibilities and I didn't really know, as usual, where to take my content next, so just as easy as you fall into the habit of writing, I fell into the habit of not writing, which is something I want to correct.

As of right now, what I know is that I want to be active on Hive again what I don't know is how. I sort of want to make a Saito embassy on Hive but I haven't really figured out how. I mentioned the idea as a comment on a post to @acidyo and he suggested something I was already doing which was posting about Saito and then cross-posting over to a Saito community, but that was just info-dumping without proper participation or anything of the likes. We recently have had some work done in migrating to BSC which might facilitate better Saito content on Hive in the future, but is too soon to predict.


Hey man, it's great to see you're coming back, I kinda did that myself as well a few months ago where I was posting crap most of the time but wanted to post quality stuff again. I'll send you message over discord to see what you're up to!

Yeah I want to start posting at least twice a week but quality stuff as well.

Great, looking forward to them, hopefully something code related so I can keep learning :P

Hope to read more about saito and a warm welcome back to you.

Writing is Art and in not time you will find yourself writing more than before.

Have a great sunday😊

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Yeah. I'm figuring some stuff out but will start participating much more often just because I want to put my writing chops up to speed again. I remember back when I wrote daily and it really came by itself after a certain point.

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Great to hear things are on the up and up. Sounds like a busy past few months.

Posts about Saito on Hive sounds amazing. I hope you find some time for it.

Have a great week.