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As a regular reader and occasional commenter on the @remlaps-lite blog, I must affirm that I find your design of the blog achieves many of the goals for it you have stated here. I can scan the opening paragraph and grasp the topics treated therein. If I have no particular interest in them, I could simply move on, but I have not done so yet, mostly because I feel a sense of loyalty to you and your consistent work to produce the blog, even if our interests don't dovetail perfectly.

I can then move on to the summaries, which include links and even video betimes. On those matters I have little interest in, I simply move on to the next. Sometimes I follow the links and dive into the material because I am very interested in the topic. From time to time I comment on the issues, and I confirm you certainly do upvote comments that show your post has been read. Further, you substantively engage as well, which indicates you're not just cranking out a blog as a tactic to gain market, but that you're undertaking social interaction through that blog with the wide, wide world, which I consider the miraculous benefit of social media: turning us all into neighbors that can chat over the fence.

Overall, I find your blog well designed to minimize wasting my attention on matters in which I have little specific interest, while presenting matters in which you do, and where our interests dovetail, we are then well enabled to engage substantively therein. I would agree with you that the format you have developed here would be well duplicated by other content creators who wish to present multiple links daily in a given area, or on a suite of topics.

It is one of the posts I look most forward to reading each day, and I hope nothing prevents you continuing to do so for the foreseeable future.



Thank you for the feedback! I greatly appreciate the confirmation that, from your perspective, some of the things that I designed into it for the benefit of the reader are working as intended.

I definitely enjoy creating these blogs every day and I learn a lot from them. I also enjoy the conversations that we have had on a variety of topics that were covered. I often find that I learn as much from your comments and subsequent discussions as I do from the links themselves.

I agree with you about the benefit of social media, and I like the comparison you make to neighbors chatting across the fence. That's a really good analogy.