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RE: Curating the Internet: Science and technology micro-summaries for October 23, 2019

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From time to time I encounter stressors. Today was one of those days. My blood pressure shot up over 60 points, and I am hoping to avoid a stroke LOL. Imma try to mellow my harsh about it.


Edit: I have watched the video by Kelly McGonigal now, and find it interesting that twice on the way home after the incident that sent my blood pressure into stroke territory, I stopped twice on the drive to offer assistance to folks I saw. LOL I gave a guy pulled over with his hood up all the water I carry to cool his overheated engine, and asked a woman walking on a country road in a very rural area if she needed help.

Seems like I instinctively know what to do when I am waylayed by unexpected stress. Thanks for providing the video, as realizing I did handle the issue properly is helping to dispel the worry my high blood pressure spike caused me.


Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad your blood pressure came down again after spiking up like that. I'm also glad the video came across your path at a good time for your life situation. I first saw that video quite some time ago, and it made a lasting change to the way that I think about stress.