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Thank you for your informative post. You listed some principles that I did not follow. At this time, I mainly write about energy production. I don't have many popular topics left, so I'll be moving on to another category soon.

Principle 2 presents a challenge as the more unpopular forms of power are difficult to research. Due to the lack of popularity, it is difficult to validate a lot of the information, so it takes longer. I'm working on ways to speed things up with services like Google Alert and make the information more relevant.

Another issue I go through with meeting the intent of Principle 2 is the dates of information during my research. When writing about coal power, for instance, there isn't that much information posted daily.

You've also listed a couple of other things I don't do when writing: Social media, collaboration, etc. I haven't thought about those yet, so I'll work to incorporate them.

I find that it has been challenging to start out blogging AND find the recognition needed to build a following. Thanks to your post, however, I believe I will find it a bit easier to get started.

Thanks again.



Thanks for the reply! I'm glad you found the post to be informative.

I think that principle #2 probably isn't necessary for all topics. Your idea to use google alerts is a good one, though. I use RSS feeds to get current content, but Google Alerts would also let you get information from sites on the Internet that don't publish RSS feeds.

No thanks are necessary, friend. It is quite refreshing to read a post with a methodical approach towards achieving a goal. I just reformatted my Twitter account to include my Steem Username and I started using APPICS.

I find using Google Alerts is useful for the most up-to-date searches on popular items. However, it doesn't work for everything. Searching for the phrase "neutron life cycle" doesn't return as many results as "Faith in Humanity". I would expect the neutron life cycle to be on everyone's mind, but alas the world doesn't bend to my ideals lol.

Google isn't the only search engine out there. I'm sure the others fulfill a similar service.