Oldest Levis Jeans In The World Just Discovered!

in rockhound •  2 months ago 

This is incredible! A mining channel I watch posted a video last week of a find they made down a 250' mine shaft in Arizona. 7 pairs of Levis jeans from the late 1800's were found off a "drift", side tunnel off the main shaft. 3 pairs are thought to be the oldest in the world! Each pair will bring a nice payday for the mine owner, more than their weight in gold! Hopefully the mine owner will share some of the $$ with Frank, the guy who discovered them and owner of the Youtube channel. Frank is a character from Canada and one of the most ballsy explorers out there.

Check out the video. The descent is pretty hair raising.

I made my first prospecting trip into a mine with a bunch of friends last weekend and will post the video next week. The dust was pretty hardcore, but the walls were glittered with barite. Here is a sneak peek!

Thanks for reading!

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Wow! Would love to go down a mine one day!
My old friends had been taken by some hill tribe people into their secret cave which was full of glistening quartz crystals! The locals believed that many ancestral spirits guarded this cave!

They are interesting, but incredibly dangerous if you don't know what you are doing. Lack of oxygen, build up of poison gasses is the most dangerous threat after false floors, winzes. Never go in alone and always make sure you are prepared.
Having said that, they are fun, but creepy as hell.

Thanks for the information! That sounds very dangerous! I would not take it lightly!