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As I am getting ready to head out for a weekend of mineral hunting I was looking over some specimens I collected at one of the localities I'm heading back to. The rock has visible azurite & malachite on it, but as I was going over it with my 30x loupe it jumped out at me, gold!


It's very, very small gold though, which is why it's difficult to photograph.


The gold is sitting amongst malachite and other copper minerals typical for the mine they came from.

This what the rock looks like zoomed out.


The spot I am looking at is top/center. Now, add this to a massive pile of rocks just like it and you understand why no one ever picked it up.

There are tiny azurite crystals in vugs(small pockets) in the rock as well.



I saw the azurite and that is why I took the specimen. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to get some much nicer specimens, in fact I know I will. I'll hopefully get them up for my Mineral Monday's series on Monday. Until then, wish me luck!


That's gorgeous. And as a mineral specimen sells for the weight of gold.

I'd keep it though!!!

I'm hoping I can improve and find a better specimen, maybe one with larger gold in it! Thanks.

Is there any way you can list some dimensions as well as weighing it?

Beautiful piece

5.5cm x 5cm x 4.5cm. 115gm, 4oz. Probably weighs a bit more than a normal rock it's size, but it's a porous matrix.

Am getting a better phone tonight so I may be able to post some better photos. Not sure yet though...

Man. You apart of the gold and silver group?

Nope. Haven't gotten into the groups thing on Hive yet. Probably should though. I do hodl some Morgans and silver halves.

Wow... This looks very cool!

Nature's art!

Wow! Beautiful azurite! Get me one ton of gold!! It would be incredible to strike a big rock of gold!

There is still a LOT of gold out there. A huge nugget was found years ago in the desert called the Mojave Nugget. You just gotta be lucky.

Oh! I hope you get very lucky one day and find four big rocks with gold! I reserve the smallest one!! Hahaha.