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For the past year or so I've been addicted to watching these mine exploration videos. Part because I want to see what minerals are still left in the old mines and part to build up my own knowledge base before I start heading into some that I know still contain valuable specimens.

These are the 3 channels I've been watching. Each come with their own unique perspective, skill level and entertainment value.

First up TVR Exploring. TVR has a lot of cool videos. Some of my favorite are of him solo exploring old Soviet Union mines. Quite honestly it's a stupid thing to do, going into a mine alone, but add to that old Soviet mines and it's double trouble. Check this one out called Engilchek in Kyrgyzstan . Freaky!!

Next up are actually two channels, Exploring Abandoned Mines & Abandoned and Forgotten Places. For the past few months these two have been teaming up in Arizona to do a lot of exploring. Frank(Exploring Abandoned Mines) is from Canada and has absolutely no fear. The mines he ventures in up North are incredible. Gly(Abandoned and Forgotten Places) I appreciate because he knows a little about minerals and will stop to point them out, inspect the geology. Here they are exploring a massive Arizona mine.

Last is a channel I have only recently discovered, Mine Explores. These guys are more hardcore. They appear to be somewhat more professional when it comes to gear & repelling into shit. This Tombstone, Arizona mine they explore is one of the biggest I have seen. If you have 2 hours to spare, this is part 3.

I love seeing the history in these mines. The amount of work men did to build our countries in these harsh conditions. Many of these mines built the West and are already being forgotten and lost to the elements. These videos are already serving as historical documents as some of the mines are no longer accessible and have collapsed.

Hope you enjoy some of these as much as I did. I am thinking about posting my own, but due to legal reasons I am hesitant. Someday...

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I cannot imagine myself being underground without sunshine for two hours!! Some people are just like badgers!

Oh, they were underground for 8 hours I believe. That video was part 3 of 4!

Man I can't share this .. dang.

Gold fever is my favorite prospecting show. Very insightful.

Love mining and prospecting for gold out here in Oregon. Who knows maybe one day I'll find a nugget!

Check out the Levis one I posted yesterday. The jeans they found are worth a lot of money.

Also, gold is great, but there are a lot of other stones out there worth $$. Oregon is famous for Sunstones and Owhynee agates & opals. Good luck!