Finding copper in the tailings pile

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Is that a good spot to find turquoise as well?

I don't think there's any turquoise in that area, at least I've never heard of any being found.

I used to be able to find turquoise at the copper queen mine in bizbee arizona. The tailing piles there had all kinds of different minerals in them. Probably toxins as well.

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I'm not surprised, the southwest has a lot of turquoise in it's mineral formations.
There are a couple of copper mines up here that contain arsenic in the tailings piles. I don't remember the mineral it comes from, but it's not found in any quantity in most of the tailings piles, just a few of the mines.

In a related activity I collected copper pennies before they were declared non legal tender as they are worth about 2.5x the face value, same with the nickels worth at least 1.7x face. Commodity value that is. I get the feeling because the terrible long term effects of inflation we will be forced back to a Sound money system hence my stacking silver coin.

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I have a lot of older Canadian pennies, I've been collecting them for about 40 years or so. We get them in change sometimes here in Upper Michigan.
The U. S. quit making real copper pennies in 1981 I believe. Everything since then is copper clad base metal. I have a few pounds of pre 1981 pennies. :-)


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I liked the idea of vinegar to clean the copper so it could be seen better. That was interesting learning about float copper and the copper mines.

Thank you!

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