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Awesome radio app. Much better than the iHeartRadioApp. It's easy to navigate. Has a simple design. Great controls. Sound equalizer so the commercials don't blow out your eardrums. iHeart doesn't have that feature. Granted TuneIn doesn't have some of my favorite regional talk show podcasts. But they do have all of the major national shows. Plus all of the genre music stations. They have something for everybody. Terrible. Every minute the app stops the station that's playing and then you need to press play again. What is the point of making it that difficult to use the app??? Do they think making it horrible to use will encourage me to buy the full priced app? If anything it prompted me to write this review and tell every person I know not to use or but TuneIn. Edit** With the developers input I was able to get TuneIn to work better, updating my review to include this.Fine radio app with nice UI that's easy to get used to and also easy to find features you'd usually use in a radio app. 😊 Ads aren't disruptive at all (they are shown all the time at the bottom of the app screen but never interrupt the music playing). It's easy to browse and filter radio stations - hopefully, there are tons of them in the app library. Streaming is smooth - no ads, no bugs, no app freezes yet. ✌️ I'd highly recommend to give this one a try.


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