Check Out Amazing Posts on Project.Hope Community [Season 37]

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Hello and welcome one to a new season of my top 3 project hope post. I will appreciate if you subscribe to project hope

A day chosen in every week will be dedicated to post review on our amazing community.

Today I will be reviewing three wonderful posts from project.hope community.

Financial Advice That Will Help Grow Your Wealth - written by @eni-ola

There is a difference between someone who wants to be wealthy and someone who has made sacrifice and is wealthy. It is in the things they did that are different and the way they think. In this post, I will be sharing tips that you should know and to do to become wealthy.


Becoming rich and becoming wealthy are two different things, we can grow our wealth even if we come from a poor background when we have the decision to grow. You should read the post by @eni-ola to understand more about this topic.

Thoughts that should be included when setting goals. - @ireti


Goal setting serves as a very powerful reminder about where you ought to be, with this reminder in place it becomes easy for you to stay away from the people who are not giving you the type of energy required to make those goals achievable

Goal setting is actually really important but when setting goals there are some things that should be added to it in order to make sure that your goal is dedicated to your growth. You can read more about it through @ireti's post.

Favorable implications of implementing digitization in the training of our employees written by @sandracarrascal. You should read the post by @sandracarrascal to get a clearer understanding.


The proposal is that these small content formats can be used so that there is no need for the physical presence of these employees, but everything would be reduced to transform these small contents into online pills in the form of tutorials that employees can view and use whenever they want.

As advancement occurs and takes over different phases of life, it must also reflect through our jobs and employees. Employees need to be trained to work with digitalization. You should read the post by @sandracarrascal to get a clearer understanding.

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Stay safe friends.


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