Check Out Amazing Posts on Project.Hope Community [Season 32]

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Hello and welcome one to a new season of my top 3 project hope post. I will appreciate if you subscribe to project hope

A day chosen in every week will be dedicated to post review on our amazing community.

Today I will be reviewing three wonderful posts from project.hope community.

Technological Advancement in Nigeria; How Competitiveness Has Driven Affordability For Better Living - written by @josediccus

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Technology is really changing things really fast and the things that use to appear luxurious are already going into extinction.

Currently, or rather always, a man in his human nature is destructive in everything he does, if I am generalizing but it is so man and I repeat by nature is corrupt, torturer and murderer organizer of wars and genocide.

Written by @josediccus.

There is no such thing as bad feedback- @awah


As with the situation with Bob, bad behaviours are often known for a while but no one does anything about it. This will often fester until it becomes a big problem.

People sometimes feel bad about leaving a negative review about a business or project but sometimes it is necessary to help the business perform better it just needs to be said diplomatically.

Go to farm; reap the harvest! written by @joelagbo


The gods bless the lands with fertility, but the citizens have two main responsibilities; respect the land and respect the rulers. Fertility is a principal factor for agricultural success.

Even while there are always opportunities on every side, there is a need to walk straight into them and know how to make good use of it.

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