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A day chosen in every week will be dedicated to post review on our amazing community.

Today I will be reviewing three wonderful posts from project.hope community.

3 things you need to stop right now if you want to succeed in Entrepreneurship - written by @focusnow

One of the biggest career paths that anyone can undertake is to become an Entrepreneur. It is both challenging and rewarding. The margin between success and failure can be as thin as air.

The journey of an entrepreneur has to be lined with lots of sacrifices and certain habits also needs to be stopped that is if success is desired.

The Manager must be Leader or boss?- @janettyanez

Surely you have read or listened to the various comments about people who occupy managerial positions in organizations and fail to get their team to achieve the proposed goals or objectives, one of the answers to this is that these people have not managed to be truly Managers.

According to this post, there is a difference between being a leader and a boss and the difference in their attitudes makes them either a good or bad leader whenever they have a managerial position.

Blurt And Zapata Launch Tomorrow - What Can We Expect! - written by @syedumair

Initially, the people behind Blurt wanted to airdrop coins to every account on steem eligible for airdrop but after the famous HF23 on steem blockchain, they decided not airdrop coins to Steemit INC as they can take control of the chain in future.

Another fork of steemit is said to launch soon and this time around there are two forks and what we are to expect from this forks is stated in this post.

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