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Today I will be reviewing three wonderful posts from project.hope community.

Fourth Industrial Revolution: The key elements will be AI, robotics, 3D printing, IOT, Five-G technology! - written by @team007

The key elements of this revolution will be computers and information technology. Moreover, artificial intelligence, robotics, 3D printing, Internet of Things, Five-G technology will bring a revolutionary change to our society.

We have clearly gotten to the age of innovation and things are improving very fast, it is important to clearly understand the impact that the virus has caused but on the other hand look at the societal changes it has provided.

The world a great field of experiments.- @fucho80

Without a doubt, these actions are inevitably giving rise to new discoveries in the field of medicine, engineering, technology, among others, creating new inventions that are being tested to determine their effectiveness and safe application in the areas of prevention, treatment and eradication of this virus.

Most of the scientific inventions and medicines we have today was birthed as a result of some lab accidents and the covid-19 has also resulted into some laboratory inventions which makes the world more of a test center.

How to grow your trading account: How to develop a trading strategy - written by @@@bhoa


To me, a trading strategy are sets of objectively structured plans that a trader follows to ensure more profit. The most important aspect of my definition is the objectivity of a trading strategy. A trading strategy should fulfil its purpose which is to bring profit. This therefore goes to say that a good trading strategy must have gone through verification.

Trading should not just be ventured into without having a basic knowledge on the topic, @bhoa explains logically what trading entails, the types of trading and every other thing you need to know about the topic.

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