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Social Media Big Mac Index by Steemhunt


The most prominent use-value of Social Media, for now, is for information marketing. Social media marketing itself is considered effective even though it is relatively new compared to conventional media such as TV and Newspaper. This is because along with the changing lifestyle patterns of people who are all "online" and need social media for various purposes of daily needs including information, entertainment, making friends, even work.

The influence of a person on social media becomes an important and fundamental index to shape the value of "engagement" which is then used to appreciate one's services in spreading "something" on social media.

The value of a person's influence that is considered effective in influencing public perception raises the work as an influencer that is now very popular. Not just marketing products and / or introducing certain projects, influencers can even become famous as artists if their post is entertaining and worth enjoying every day.

That is why a lot of tools have begun to emerge to find out how much the influence of an influencer is based on their level of engagement with their followers.

Social Media Big Mac Index


Tools to calculate the value of the influence can be found online to calculate the value of social media accounts that are still centralized such as Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube.

Then, what about Steemit? You can use the "Social Media Big Mac Index" tool to calculate the value of your content in a Steemit account.

Big Mac Index Social Media was launched by @steemhunt, a dapp that runs on Steem Blockchain. Steemhunt itself is a dapp for monetizing content related to "product search" which currently has its own tokens to reward their users.

Basic Concepts of Social Media Big Mac Index

Social Media Big Mac Index has a concept the calculator that will calculate the price per your content on each social media account.

The calculation has an index in several factors such as like, share, views, comments, saves, etc. The calculated results focus on engagement on previous content rather than focus on size the account is. That is why an account that has a large number of followers and has long been made does not mean to have the results of the value of "Big Mac" a lot because it does not necessarily have a large engagement value.

The value generated per post will be converted to the price of "Big Mac". This means you will find out how many Big Macs you can buy per post.

My Opinion

The tool for calculating the value of the influence of social media content launched by Steemhunt is very exciting and cool, and worth trying.

Social Media Big Mac Index will help us to increase engagement on social media accounts, especially engagement on Steemit.

The "Big Mac" Index used is fun because it represents the current lifestyle of social media that puts forward practical and satisfying things like the Big Mac.

Every day, your calculation results will change. In my opinion, after the HF happened, the value of BIG MAC's income has decreased.

Social Media Big Mac Index can be useful to appreciate the services of someone in creating content later if there are parties to a product and service who want to use one's influence, especially in the Steemit.

How to Access Social Media Big Mac Index

Visit the site: to find out the value of your content.

Select which social media account you want to calculate the value of the content. Then enter your account name. Wait a few seconds to find out the results.

Here are some results from my social media accounts, and others as examples of usage.

Instagram AnggrekLestari.png

My Instagram Account:

Twitter Anggreklestari.png

My Twitter Account:

steemit anggreklestari.png

Bad result of my Steemit Account

Then, @ned

Steemit Ned.png


Big Mac Index Social Media is still very fresh. You can read Steemhunt's full announcement regarding this tool:

Tools that are still very recently launched, in my opinion, have a number of pros including the following:

  • Social Media Big Mac Index provides a Steemit account
    Other social media value calculation tools only focus on Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. With the presence of the Big Mac Index Social Media tool, we can calculate the value of engagement on a Steemit account that is still relatively new to the public because it is not as popular as conventional social media.

Beside Steemit, Social Media Big Mac provides others platform as well:

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Medium
  • Twitch

Providing calculation of the value of Steemit account engagement can be new knowledge for the public who visit this tool. If they don't know about Steemit before, then their awareness of Steemit will increase.

  • Simple calculations without registration
    The thing that makes the user go away from a tool or website is certainly because of the sign-up or even sign-in requirements. This point will reduce visitor interest because it is considered inefficient in time.
  • Display Calculation Results Without Waiting Too Long

Waiting is indeed tedious and can throw too much internet quota if a tool takes too long to "load" to get to the user's destination.

Social Media Big Mac Index provides a short amount of time so that you won't waste time seeing the results of your content engagement value.

  • Attractive appearance

Social Media Big Mac Index has a fresh and exciting look with Big Mac. Big Mac is moving without disturbing the appearance of the website itself.

For me, this display certainly improves the user's mood while using this tool.


In the results, the value displayed as a whole only display a simple number. For users who need the results of this number, this business need may not be able to refer to the Social Media Big Mac Index.

Social Media Big Mac Index which currently does not provide a detailed algorithm is just a fun tool that cannot be used for business levels.


Overall, the Social Media Big Mac Index is appropriate to be used for content creators to find out how effective the effect of the content is on social media, especially Steemit.

Social Media Big Mac Index can be a passion for you to increase the value of your account so that the overall value of the account will increase.

Social Media Big Mac Index also disseminates information about Steemit as social media to general users.

In addition to having a positive impact on Steemit, the Big Mac Index Social Media also directly introduces the SteemHunt dapp itself, which is expected to increase SteemHunt users as well.

My Personal Rating

Social Media Big Mac Index becomes a fun tool that I use to measure my content on Steemit and other conventional social media.

This easy-to-use tool I gave an 8/10 rating.

About Social Media Big Mac Index:

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As crazy as it sounds it is actually quite a good tool for comparison. Big Macs are fairly universal as well as very consistent between countries. Here is my score just for fun.


Your result indeed better than me.
Before HF, my score was 1 Big Mac. Unfortunately today is decreasing. Everyday it will be change because based on previous post.

Thank you so much for stopping by and your support.

There you go!!!
All the burgers you can eat hahahaha
I too didn't get a burger on Steem.... ;p

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