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RE: Antic: The Atari Resource (March 1987)

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Man, I love checking out these old video game magazines. I have a few hundred in my possession and love re-reading them, the “cutting edge” software and interviews especially are sometimes wild.

Word Searcher, that sounds like a type-in that is worth every keystroke and hour spent searching for mistakes in the code. My parents would have loved that program back in the day. I would have loved it in my early days of experimenting with those puzzles (I have long since given up on them unless I am seriously into the subject).

I need to check out that Dvorak Keyboard thing. I have known about other key layout options but cannot remember if I have seen that one or not. Not that I see myself changing to a new layout (30+ years of QWERTY will do that to you).

I have never heard of Analog or Antic outside of articles such as yours. If I had more room I would investigate getting physical copies. Nothing can replace the feel of a magazine in your hand.


I have a couple of Analog and Antic magazines around but not many. I was a Commodore 64 guy and never really saw an 8-bit Atari computer until much later.

Speaking of cutting edge, the stuff that intrigued me most at the time were the articles about the upcoming Super NES CD-ROM, mostly in EGM. I was really looking forward to that.

Dvorak seemed to be the most popular alternative keyboard layout. I can't even name another. But yeah, I don't see myself even bothering to try to relearn to type. Not sure I can think much faster than I can type now anyway :).

We have similar backgrounds, I was all about Commodore 64 myself. I did not know Atari made computers till well after the Sega Genesis was released when EGM did a comparison. They compared Amiga and Atari ST, I believe, with the Sega Genesis and TurboGrafx-16.

Oh man, yes, I was hyped for the SNES CD-ROM too. That was going to be amazing, in a way I am glad it never materialized. So much of gaming would be different if it was released.