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RE: Digital Archaeology: Codex (Floppy Disk) #10 (part 16)

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You're digital archeology remains fascinating to me. I wish I had my brothers Commodore 64 floppy games to check out. I wish I had my first forays into downloading mid 90's midi StarWars sounds and songs to setup as my Windows 95 sounds.


That reminds me of a piece of software I had for Windows 3.1, probably around 1994. It was called Star Wars Screen Entertainment. I think it came with sound clips but the main thing was the set of screensavers it came with based on After Dark I think. There were several Star Wars themed screen savers. In one of them, Jawas would walk across your screen and steel your icons. I remember being disappointed that it didn't work quite right with Windows 95.

I still have all my old Commodore 64 disks. I transferred them to disk images on a PC a long time ago.