Your Computer (December 1983)

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Cover of the December 1983 issue of Your Computer

Your Computer was a popular home computer magazine published in the U.K. in the 1980s. This particular issue is pretty massive with well over 300 pages. Looking at the table of contents, I thought it odd that the first thing listed is on page 74. I though maybe I was missing a page. However, it looks like this magazine (or at least this issue) is front-loaded with basically the first 73 pages are all advertisements.

Table of Contents from the December 1983 issue of Your Computer.

After all of the ads, this magazine starts off with sections common to many magazines, including competition info, editorial, letters and news. Competitions were common in this type of magazine though they seemed to be a much bigger deal in the U.K. than in the U.S. This one features computer software and hardware prizes of course. Near the end of the magazine, the results of the previous contest are given with the prize being an Atari 600XL. The Editorial and Letters are combined into one section and feature solutions to technical problems on the Spectrum and VIC-20. The news includes info about new hardware from Japan and a new expansion for the Electron (an unknown computer in the U.S.).

Since this is a December issue, there is a lot of Christmas themed content. This includes a virtual Christmas Fair with mini-reviews and previews of Christmas presents for your computer as well as a Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come themed preview of new products coming in 1984. Also included is some Christmas music for the BBC Micro.

The scans above are from the December 1983 issue of Your Computer. I've had them for many years but I am not sure of their origin. Some magazines I have scanned myself but not this one. I recall that they originally came from some FTP site with many old U.K. computer magazines but I have long since lost track of it and I am not sure it exists any longer. You can probably find newer and better ones on as they seem to have scans of almost all of the old magazines these days.

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