Your 64 (August 1985)

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Your 64 is a magazine that was published in the U.K. and dedicated to the Commodore 64 (as well as the VIC-20 in earlier issues). It only lasted for 14 issues before being rolled into Your Commodore. The August 1985 issue includes:


  • Elidon - Follow our frantic, fun-filled fantasy through the forests of fairyland.
  • Bombs Away! - Confuzion will have you bombing around in cirlces!


  • Get Plotted - Get to grips with 64 Hi-res. We build a complete set of supporting routines, starting with setting up the screen and plotting points...
  • Basic Blues? - Cop hold of one of these compilers for fast programs without the fuss of machine code.


  • Arcade Ace - Joystick lunacy from the man who puts your back up as well as your score.
  • Miss Adventure - The goblins got you? Our damsel in this dress to the rescue.
  • Chart Challenge - The good, the bad and the ugly faces in our top ten charts.


  • A Call to Arms - Think what you could do with a robot arm - then win one.
  • 64 Programmer of the Year - Is your program worth a Commodore 128?


  • Soft Wares - Get your cheap tapes here - we're so soft-hearted.
  • Y64 Megabasic - Sharpen up that 64 Basic.

Open Access

  • News - All things new and 64.
  • Networds - News from the Compunet and Micronet.
  • Off the Hook - Any questions? The helpline has the answers.

Core Material

  • Missives - You won't letter us alone, will you?
  • Classified Info - Bag a bargain on the back-page.
  • Scratchpad - Stuff these in your computer and run them!
  • Subscriptions - Get hitched for life.

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