Transactor for the Amiga (July 1989)

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Cover of the July 1989 issue of Amiga Transactor

Transactor was a long running technical Commodore magazine that mostly covered Commodore's various 8-bit computers. It was published all the way from 1978 to 1989. There was also a spin-off in 1988 titled Transactor for the Amiga. As you probably guessed, it's basically the same kind of thing but for the Amiga.

The July 1989 issue of Transactor for the Amiga includes the following:


  • Interrupts: The Heart Of Exec - Carl Sassenrath, the man who wrote the interrupt code in the Amiga, explains how to use interrupts on the Amiga.

  • A Vile of Illiteracies - Making fun of mangled grammar. Are two year old drives really two-year old drives or two year-old drives? Plus absurd new (relatively speaking) words.

  • Getting A Handle On File Systems, Part 3 - Part three of a series on file systems. This part discusses mapping the file system to physical media.

  • Effective Documentation - A standard way to construct a user manual.

  • Cubic Spline Interpolation - Using cubic spline interpolation to accurately draw curves. Routines for doing this in C are provided.

Table of Contents from the July 1989 issue of Amiga Transactor

Departments and Columns

  • Amiga Dispatches - Two options for implementing the help key. Plus, poor sales lead to cancelling future versions of World Perfect on the Amiga.

  • Mastering The Raster - Completing a video production, including animation, on the Amiga.

  • Assembly Language Programming - Part 5 of a series on assembly language programming. DOS routines and other topics are covered in this part.

Table of Contents from the July 1989 issue of Amiga Transactor (continued)


  • LightBox from R & DL Productions
  • - A traditional animation tool for the Amiga for $189.95.
  • GFA BASIC 3.0 from Antic Software
  • - An advanced BASIC language editor/interpreter with poor documentation.

Back cover of the July 1989 issue of Amiga Transactor

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