RUN: The Commodore 64/128 User's Guide (August 1991)

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RUN was one of the longest running and most popular magazines for the Commodore 64 and 128. The August 1991 issue includes:


  • Read All About It! - Here's a late-breaking news flash: Use the Commodore/geoPublish combo to handle your desktop publishing needs.
  • geoPublish News - Follow these step-by-step instructions to create your own desktop-published newsletter.
  • Inside Tips on DTP - Take this pro's advice and you'll soon be producing your own high-quality manuals, newsletters and booklets.
  • Some Like It Hot - Though it's hot outside now, Fuel Compare can help you plan for winter's chill.
  • Yoot - The whole family will enjoy this Korean board game of strategy and chance.


  • RUNning Ruminations - Don't waste time waiting for your computer to do its thing. These activities are sure to cure the computer blues.
  • Magic - Make your programs more flashy, put a comma on you keypad and teach your Commodore to play It's a Small, Small World...
  • News and New Products - This time we have news from Commodore, two new printers and some great software.
  • Mail RUN - Since April, we've received a flood of mail from user's groups asking to be added to our list. here they are, along with letters offering help and advice.
  • Software Gallery - Reviews of:
    • Ultima VI: The False Prophet
    • Back to the Future II
    • B.A.T.
    • Yours, Mine and Ours!!
    • DragonStrike
    • Questmaster
  • geoWatch - This issue, geoWatch and ProTips combine to help you with your GEOS applications.
  • 128 Mode - A surprising new language can improve your programming skills - Plain English!
  • Gold Mine - Master the universe! This issue, we have tips on Questmaster, SimCity and many other games.

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