RUN (August 1986)

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RUN, subtitled "The Commodore C-128/C-64 Home Computing Guide", was one of a few magazines I spent my scarece resources on as a kid. I loved my Commodore 64 and essentially learned BASIC programming with magazines like this and got "free" software via the type-in programs provided. The August 1986 issue includes:


  • Enter The On-Line World of Lucasfilm - Lucasfilm and QuantumLink have teamed up to bring you a new concept in on-line interactive game-playing.

  • Disk Keeper - Do all your diskkeeping chores, from formatting to making disk jacket labels, with this one program.

  • Bootmaker 128/64 - If you like the autoboot capbility of the C-128 in 128 mode, you'll love this program that lets you autoboot in 64 mode, too.


  • RUNning Ruminations - Discover ReRUN

  • Magic - The original column of hints and tips that lets you perform computing wizardry.

  • Software Gallery
    • Grover's Animal Adventures
    • Superscript
    • Elite and the Silver Disk Series
    • Leader Board

  • Second Annual RUNaway Contest - Here's your chance to be a winner in RUN's giveaway sweepstakes worth over $25,000 in prizes. And, just for entering, you'll receive a free QuantumLink terminal program!

  • Basically Speaking - An exploration of Basic programming fundamentals.

  • Telecomputing Workshop - Advice and answers to your questions on modems, terminal programs, on-line networks, bulletin boards and more.

  • Q-Link Happenings - This month we introduce a new feature that keeps you informed about the latest services on QuantumLink.

  • The Resource Center - Teachers, administrators and students are getting on-line as the nation's schools enter the telecommunications age.

  • New Products RUNdown

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Oh yeah I totally remember this magazine and typing in the programs on my Vic 20. Seem to remember being disappointed that most of the programs were for the C64? A few years later I was subscribed to Amiga World, so got over my C64 complex 😆

I think it just depends on when you had the VIC-20. The VIC-20 was very popular but only for 3 or 4 years. Once the Commodore 64 came along, the popularity of the VIC-20 plummeted as did support in the various magazines. The Commodore 64 held out much longer after the Amiga came along. I went straight from the C64 to a PC. I really wanted an Amiga but by the time I was ready to upgrade (Fall 1993), it was already obvious that Commodore and the Amiga weren't going to make it in the long run. It was ok though. I was quite happy with the Gateway 486 DX2-66 that I ended up with. I seriously considered getting an Amiga 4000 though. Would have had better resale value, that's for sure.

Yeah, I think I was 7 or 8 years old when I got it for Christmas. A couple of friends of mine got C64s that same Christmas, so it was around the end of the VIC-20 era. Good memories.

Yeah, wish I still had my A500. Sold it in high school and had no computer for a long while after that. Use a Mac nowadays but open up the FS-UAE emulator once in a while to explore some old Amiga games.