Popular Computing Weekly (July 7th, 1983)

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Front page of the July 7-13 1983 issue of Popular Computing Weekly

Popular Computing Weekly was, as the name suggests, a weekly publication covering computers. It was published in the U.K. is a sort of tabloid newspaper form factor and covered the popular computers of the time. The July 7-13, 1983 issue includes:

  • News - Psion negotiating with Timex to sell Spectrum software in the U.S.; Eleven year old has successful video game column in several newspapers in the U.S. (Vid Kid); Commodore and Atari fight in court over Pac-Man; Acorn's BBC ready to launch in the U.S.; and more.

  • Letters - Letters from readers about programs that circumvent copy protection, compilers for the ZX Spectrum, Timex vs. Sinclair computers, and more.

  • Star Game - Mini Pacman, a type-in game for the VIC-20.

  • Street Life - Interview with Robert Branton and Geoff Boyd of Memotech, known at the time for creating add-ons for the Sinclair ZX-81, they were working on creating their own computer, the MTX500.

  • Table of Contents from the July 7-13 1983 issue of Popular Computing Weekly

  • Spectrum - In this third part of a five-part series, program execution on the Spectrum is explained.

  • Dragon - Storing graphics in memory on the Dragon 32 and displaying them on the screen.

  • BBC in Education - Logical vs. actual colors on the BBC and various ways to draw shapes and change colors.

  • Open Forum - Programs from readers including a Math test for the VIC-20; Cruiser, a game for the BBC model B in which you pilot a space ship through an obstacle course; a program for creating a scrolling display on the Lynx; Space Wasps for the Spectrum; Deathrace 2000 for the VIC-20; River Cross for the ZX-81; and Wink (a program for drawing then displaying a hidden image) for the Dragon 32.

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Wow. I used to get this delivered weekly by my newsagent. It was a really good read. 40 years ago!

Remembering is living. The thought we had at that time, when compared to now, we see as something distant. In a few years, they will say the same about this moment.