Info (August/September 1986)

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Cover of the August/September issue of Info

Info covered various Commodore computers throughout its life. In 1986 it was covering the Commodore 64, Commodore 128, Amiga and even CP/M (which the Commodore 128 supported without additional hardware). As it says on the cover, this was the only computer magazine actually produced with personal computers (typically a Commodore 64/128 or Amiga depending on the time period). The August/September 1986 issue of Info includes:


  • Editor's Page - Pointing out some of Commodore's successes including selling the first inexpensive color personal computer, keeping their hardware open, acquiring Amiga, and more.

  • News & Views - The Big Blue Reader, a file utility for the Commodore 128 and 1571 disk drive that will read and translate MS-DOS files; Commodore 128 vs. IBM-PC benchmarks; new shareware; Commodore 128 Reference Guide; Cardco goes out of business; retail version of GEOS published; a Commodore 64 emulator for the Amiga; and more.

Table of Contents from the August/September issue of Info


  • CES Report - Some new products to be found at the Chicago CES in 1986 include the Star Gemeni II printer; The Music System, a SID based music development system from Firebird; The Pawn, an illustrated text adventure game; two new flight sims, Spitfire 40 from Avalon Hill and Ace of Aces from Accolade; Partner 64/128; World Games, The Movie Monster Game, Super Cycle, and Championship Wrestling from Epyx; The Toy Shop (print out paper toys...kind of a predecessor to today's 3D printers I guess); Certificate Maker; Create with Garfield; a speech/voice recognition device called the HearSay 1000; Device One, a printer interface for the C64; Hacker II: the Doomsday Papers from Activision; Gary Kitchen's Game Maker; Leather Goddesses of Phobos from Infocom; Deluxe Video from Electronic Arts; and much more.

  • Comdex Report - At this show is was the Amiga that Commodore was emphasizing. The Sidecar is announced giving the Amiga IBM compatibility and allowing the Amiga to share some IBM hardware. Also show was a hardware expansion chassis for the Amiga that provides an additional 1 MB, 200 watt power supply, 5 expansion slots and 3 5.25" drive bays. Tons more new productivity, education and even entertainment (COMDEX is a more business oriented show) software titles were announced as well.

Back cover of the August/September issue of Info

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