Home Computer Magazine (August 1984)

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Home Computer Magazine started life as a magazine dedicated to the TI-99/4A under a different name. As it became clear that the TI-99/4A was not going to maintain its success, the magazine branched out to cover other popular systems as well, in particular the Commodore 64, IBM PC and Apple II. The August 1984 issue includes:


  • Snap-Calc - Creating this mighty math matrix is a snap.
  • Bars and Plots - Colorful graphs can chart your figures.
  • Elementary Addition and Subtraction - An educational program for the preschool crowd.
  • Spider Graphics - Ah, what a tangled (and colorful) web we can weave.

Product Reviews

  • Personal Editor - Ease of use makes this an outstanding text editor.
  • EasyWriter II - A powerful word processor for the PC...and Junior.
  • PFS: File, PFS: Report - Database management without intimidation.
  • Home Accountant - Financial management comes home.
  • Count-Sil - A Spreadsheet program for home use.
  • Doublestuff - Double the Apple's normal color and resolution.
  • Chivalry - Knights and Ladies abound in this board/video game.
  • Burgertime - Burger-building in a chaotic kitchen.
  • Alpha-Pak - Learning the alphabet is as easy as A-B-C.
  • In Search of the Most Amazing Thing - A nonviolent, educational, fantasy adventure.
  • Murder by the Dozen - Use your wits to track down "who 'dun' it."
  • Necromancer - Chasing zombies was never like this.

Logo Times

  • Binary Forest - 'Branching Out' with Smokey the Bear.
  • LOGO Flakes - Creative explorations with snowflake desings.

Gameware Buffet

  • Robochase - Pits you against rampaging robots.
  • Cyber-Cipher - Break the top-secret computer access code.
  • Wild Kingdom - Trapping tigers in a jungle maze.
  • Speeder - A game to make your own.


  • Inside/Outside HCM
  • On Screen
  • Letters to the Editor
  • HCM Review Criteria
  • Contents
  • HCM Product News
  • Program Listing Contents
  • Program Typing Guide
  • Industry Watch
  • Group Grapevine
  • Home Computer Tech Notes:
    • TI
    • IBM
    • Apple
    • Commodore

...and more!

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