CPU (August 2008)

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CPU, short for Computer Power User, is a magazine that was a competitor to Maximum PC. While I enjoyed it, I never thought it was quite as good as Maximum PC which probably explains why it isn't around anymore. There's barely enough room in the physical magazine world for one such title. The August 2008 issue includes:


  • Power Mobile - The Past, Present & Future of Portable Computing
  • Smartphone IQ Test - Just how Smart Are They?
  • Small Wonders - Subnotebooks & UMPCs That Are Worth Their Weight


  • What's Happening
  • Digital Economy

Heavy Gear

  • Dream Hardware
  • Sound Card Clash - The Best Of Add-In Audio
  • Robocop Or Keystone Cop - Are Consumer-Grade UTMs Worth It?
  • Lite-On DH-401 - Iomega REV 120GB USB
  • Dell XPS M1730
  • NZXT Tempest - Antec Mini P180
  • Lenovo ThinkPad X300 - Trendnet TS-S402
  • Pinnacle Video Transfer - Sony Walkman NWZ-S718 8GB
  • TomTom GO 930 - GE E1235

Hard Hat Area

  • PC Modder
    • Tips & Tutorials
    • The Soundless Savage - High-Powered Quiet Computing
  • PC Challenge - Best Gaming PC For Less Than $2,000
  • Advanced Q&A Corner
  • X-Ray Vision - OLED Optimus Maximus Keyboard

Loading Zone

  • The Bleeding Edge Of Software - Inside The World Of Betas
  • Up To Speed - Upgrades That'll Keep You Humming Along
  • TrustWare BufferZone - Stealthsurfer
  • Ringtone Media Studio 3 - NovaBackup 10

Caught In the Web

  • Booting Up Blockbusters - Film Rentals Now Playing On A PC Near You
  • The Department Of Stuff - design.txt

Digital Living

  • Road Warrior - Lenovo IdeaPad, Mobile Fuel Cells, New BlackBerry, Mobile Power From Kingston & More
  • At Your Leisure - Games, Gear, Movies & Music

Tips & Tricks

  • Software Tips & Projects - Get The Color Right
  • Warm Up To Penguins - The Audacity Of It All

What's Cooking

  • Shavings From The Rumour Mill - Nano Chips Away At Intel's Atom
  • Wagging The Dog - Apple Fanboys
  • Technically Speaking - An Interview With Joshua Levy, Managing Editor Of Change.org

Back Door

  • Q&A With Mark Bernstein - PARC Director On The Next Big Thing(s)

Infinite Loops - Strange stats and other oddball items from computing's periphery

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