Computing Today (March 1984)

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Computing today was one of a multitude of computer magazines published in the U.K. in the 1980s. The March 1984 issue includes:

  • Consumer News - A bumper bundle of items about the latest products for the consumer.
  • Soft Wares - A round-up of commercial software packages for home and business.
  • Easycode Part 1 - By stimulating the action of a microprocessor using a BASIC program, this series hopes to teach the machine code novice what it's all about.
  • Book Page - Our usual in-depth comparative book review, plus a number of quickies to clear the backlog on our bookshelves.
  • BBC Poker - You won't lose your shirt playing Poker against this simulation - all the money is stored in variables. But just try to read your opponent's expression!
  • SCOPE Review - Several languages other than BASIC have been released for the ZX Spectrum, but this one is a bit different. Simple Compilation of Plain English is designed to allow machine code speed in graphics routines, for programmers who want to write their own arcade games.
  • Genie Utilities - Here are some useful machine code routines (only 334 bytes in total) that provide USR calls from BASIC with some enhancements such as multiple parameters. There's also a number base converter and a VDU statement.

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