Compute!'s Gazette (September 1988)

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Cover of the September 1988 issue of Compute!'s Gazette


  • Exta! Extra! Write All About It! - A guide to desktop publishing on the Commodore 64 and 128 including an overview of some of the software available, including The Newsroom, geoPublish, Personal Newsletter, and Paperclip Publisher.

  • Putting It to Work - Some examples of how Commodore user groups are using various desktop publishing software to create newsletters.


  • Deja Vu - A mystery themed text/graphics adventure by Mindscape that was originally written for the Mac.

  • Ticket to Washington D.C. - An educational game in the same vein as Carmen Sandiego but with a focus on Washington D.C.

  • X-15 Alpha Mission - A 3D arcade style shooter in which you are in the cockpit of an X-15 space craft (not to be confused with the research aircraft).


  • Lincoln Green - A type-in arcade style game in which you play a Robin Hood like character running through the forest protecting your treasure and dodging arrows.

  • Boom and Bust - This type-in game combines Hangman with Circus Atari. Launch your clown to hit the balloon with the letter that you want to guess...

Table of Contents from the September 1988 issue of Compute!'s Gazette


  • BASIC for Beginners: The Pigeonhole Analogy - This BASIC tutorial teaches you all about arrays.

  • The Programmer's Page: Did You Know That... - Various programming hints and tips, including PEEKing strings, undimensioned arrays, abbreviating BASIC, and more.

  • Machine Language Programming: Debugging - Some tips on debugging machine language programming, including making the RUN/STOP key work and a specific debugging example.

  • Pattern Fill - A type-in graphics utility that will fill areas with any rectangular pattern.

  • Multicolor Graphics Dump - A type-in program for sending full screen graphics to a MPS-801, MPS-803, Commodore 1525 or compatible printer.
  • Multicolor Graphics and Video Storage - A detailed article on how graphics are stored and accessed on the Commodore 64, including a programming example and instructions for how to print.


  • The Editor's Note - An overview of some of what was shown at the Summer Consumer Electronics Show.

  • Letters to the Editor - Some readers complain about defective Commodore 128Ds, a question about the Commodore PC10-1, and another about page numbering.
  • Feedback - Questions about converting a 1702 monitor to a color TV, alphabetizing in SpeedScript, printing machine language listings, formatting and using double-side vs. single-sided disks on the 1571, and more.

  • D'Iversions: Murder at Palenque - A look at a interactive videodisc software and the future of multimedia software.

Back cover of the September 1988 issue of Compute!'s Gazette

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