Compute!’s Amiga Resource (Summer 1989)

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Compute! was among the best multi-format computer magazines of the 1980s. Compute!'s Gazette was an equally great magazine dedicated to the Commodore 64. Compute! had a number of other machine specific spin-offs but none of them ever did as well or lasted particularly long though there was nothing really wrong with the quality. Compute!'s Amiga Resource is one of these spin-offs that happens to be dedicated to the Amiga. The Summer 1989 issue includes:


  • The Ultimate Amiga - Build the perfect system for any job.
  • Multitasking Miner - A conversation with the father of the Amiga.
  • Amiga Zapshots - Using Canon's hot new video technology.

Buyer's Guides

  • Video Hardware and Software - Doing what the Amiga does best.
  • Telecommunications Software - The doorway into the Amiga community.
  • Music Products - Hardware and software that lets you play and compose.


  • The Window - Meet our staff.
  • Readers Feedback - Commodore in education and Bridgeboards for the 500.
  • Trends - News, new products, and rumors.
  • Ask Rob Peck - Gadgets: rolling your own.
  • CLI Clips - Making a custom CLI disk.
  • Programmer's Page - Adding color to the Workbench.


  • Abstractions - Life and times of a Dragon's Lair junkie.
  • Just for Fun - Human vs. Human, computer referees.
  • Taking Sides - WYSIWYG: Useless of Useful?


  • Distant Armies
  • Fantavision
  • Falcon

On Disk

  • Contents - Advanced Laser Chess, X-Ray, Power Poker, Mr. Gadget, and more.

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