COMPUTE! (December 1982)

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Compute! was an early and long running multi-format computer magazine. In 1982 it was covering systems such as the Apple II, Commodore PET, Commodore 64, VIC-20, Atari 400/800, TI-99/4A, Radio Shack Color Computer and other machines of the time. The December 1982 issue includes:


  • Computers In The home: 1990
  • How COMPUTE! Readers Use Their Computers
  • How To Select Your First Home Computer
  • Simulator: A Modeling Planner
  • CalCalc: Computerize Your Diet

Education and Recreation

  • How To Use SYS: Part 2
  • Name Play
  • VIC And PET PILOT Interpreter
  • An Atari For Christmas: Part 2
  • Hidden Maze


  • Supergraphics For PET
  • TRS-80 Color Programs Book Review
  • Apple Adventures
  • The VIC "Cardboard"

Columns And Departments

  • The Editor's Notes
  • Ask The Readers
  • The Beginner's Page: Easy Changes
  • Learning With Computers: Computer Literacy
  • Friends Of The Turtle
  • The World Inside The Computer: Software, Sexism, And Other Topics
  • Computers And Society

The Journal

  • A Universal Program Lister
  • Renumber
  • VIC Block SAVE And LOAD
  • TextPlot II
  • Commodore 64 Sprite Editor
  • Tiny Aid For VIC-20
  • Atari PEEK And POKE Alternatives
  • Paper Monitor Switch For 2022 Printer
  • A Floppy With A Strange Device
  • VIC File Clerk
  • Undeletable Lines, Revisited
  • Atari Moving Message Utility
  • Restore (N) In Applesoft
  • Codemover
  • New Products
  • CAPUTE!: Modifications Or Corrections To Previous Articles
  • COMPUTE!'s Listing Conventions

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