Commodore Power/Play (Spring 1983)

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Cover of the Spring 1983 issue of Commodore Power/Play

Commodore Power/Play was one of Commodore's early official publications. This magazine emphasized home and entertainment usage. In 1983 this meant mostly the VIC-20 and the then still fairly new Commodore 64. The Spring 1983 issue includes:

Table of Contents from the Spring 1983 issue of Commodore Power/Play


  • New Game Cartridges for the Commodore 64 - The cartridge format for games was really only briefly popular. Pretty soon most games were released on disk, at least in the U.S. Here's a look at some early cartridge games including Jupiter Lander, Radar Ratrace, Speed Math/Bingo Math, Kickman, and Tooth Invaders

  • I Program with Gortek - A look at Gortek and the Microchips, a programming tutorial developed by Commodore for kids.

  • Making Friends With SID, Part 2 - Part 2 of an ongoing series on the Commodore 64's SID chip including some examples of how to generate sound and music.

  • Decwar! - A look at this multiplayer interstellar war game available on CompuServe.

Table of Contents from the Spring 1983 issue of Commodore Power/Play (continued)


  • Braindrops - The magazine reaches 100,000 readers plus a look at the changes in this issue.

  • The VIC Magician - A guide to programming the function keys of the VIC-20.

  • Butterfield - Learn how to make music on your Commodore 64.

  • High Scores - High scores for Blue Meanies, Car Chase, Cosmic Cruncher, Draw Poker, Jupiter Lander, Gorf, Midnight Drive, Mole Attack, Omega Race, Pinball Spectacular, Radar Rat Race, Raid on Fort Knox, Sea Wolf, Sky Is Falling, Slither, Super Alien, Super Slither, Super Slot, Super Smash and VIC Avenger.

  • User Group Spotlight - The story behind the New Mexico Commodore Users Group.

  • Access: Commodore User Groups - A comprehensive list of Commodore user groups around the world.

  • Jiffies - Brief looks at new software including two new cassette six packs for the VIC-20. The first includes NumBowl, LCM Machine, Sector Five, Backfire, Ruler Dueler, and Scare City Motel. The second includes VIC Synthesizer, Crawler, Alpha Draw, Super Seekers, Big Bad Wolf, and Treasures of the Bat Cave. Also reviewed are Pinball Spectacular for the VIC-20, The VIC Programmable Character Set & Gamegraphics Editor, and more.

Back cover of the Spring 1983 issue of Commodore Power/Play

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