Commodore Power/Play (January 1986)

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Commodore Power/Play was one of Commodore's official publications in the 1980s. The January 1985 issue includes:


  • Letters
  • Adventure Road - Infocom introduces 128K Adventures
  • Game Reviews
    • Master of the Lamps
    • Racing Destruction Set
    • Six Gun Shootout
    • Winter Games
    • Maxwell Manor
    • Speller's Duel
    • Questron
    • Summer Games II
    • Combat Leader
    • Fireworks Celebration Kit
    • Skyfox
  • Computer Wizard - Computer Counting, Part 1
  • Jiffies
    • Computer Christmas Card
    • Headliner
    • Top Shooter
  • The Computer Scientist - A Very Simple Computer
  • Game Programs
    • Periscope
    • Letter Getter
  • User Groups
  • Book Reviews - The Printer Book
  • How To Enter Programs
  • In Power/Play
    • Tom Snyder is Hands-On for Kids
    • The Jazz Scats
  • Advertiser's Index


  • Last-Minute Gift Guide for the Computerist Who Has Everything - From beeping keyrings to "sound" pens to diskette ties, you'll find something here that will surprise and delight your computing friends.
  • Amiga Update: The Workbench User Interface - Thanks to the Workbench software that comes with Commodore's new Amiga personal computer you can start putting the machine through its paces as soon as you take it out of the box and plug it in.
  • The Year In Computers - Great moments (or at least memorable ones) in computing this past year, as high-tech continued to make headlines and history.

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