Commodore MicroComputers (September/October 1984)

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Cover of the September/October 1984 issue of Commodore MicroComputers

Commodore Microcomputers was an official Commodore publication that covered all of Commodore's computers. In the September/October 1984 issue that included the Commodore 64, VIC-20, as well as the CBM, PET and SuperPET lines. The contents of this issue includes:


  • The Quest for Enhanced Productivity: Commodore Meets the Challenge - This article covers the various productivity software produced by Commodore. This includes the built-in software suite of the Plus/4, a spreadsheet program (Easy Calc), a financial package called Easy Finance, automatic spell correcting software called Easy Spell, home accounting software (Silent Butler), a business accounting software package (General Ledger), and graph creating software called B/Graph.

  • Easy Script is Easy - A beginner's guide to Easy Script, Commodore's word processing software for the Commodore 64.

  • Four Word Processors for the Commodore 64 - A comparison of four word process for the Commodore 64, including Bank Street Writer, Cut and Paste, Word Manager, and Super-Text

  • Databases - An overview of the various database software available for Commodore computers and their features.

  • Spreadsheets: Number Processing with Multiplan and Practicalc - An overview of two spreadsheet programs available for the Commodore 64, Multiplan and Practicalc.

Table of Contents from the September/October 1984 issue of Commodore MicroComputers

Using Your Computer

  • Business - An article about using Commodore computers to help run a small city.

  • Education - An overview of four educational software programs including a program teaching division (Frenzy), a geometry program (Flip Flop), a program providing addition and multiplication practice (Gulp), and a program teaching directionality (Arrow Graphics).

  • Travel - An article discussing the perils, pitfalls and challenges of international travel with a computer.

Understanding Your Computer

  • Programmer's Tips
    • Random Thoughts, Part 7: Fun and Games - Discussing the use of random number in gaming and in audio/video demos.
    • Cassette Files for PET/CBM - A program for creating files on cassettes written for the Commodore 8032.
    • Two High-Res Screen Dumps for the 64 - Two different programs (for different printers) to print out graphics saved with LOGO, KoalaPad or saved with standard Kernel routines.
    • Kaleidoscope for the PET and Commodore 64 - This type-in program generates a constantly changing kaleidoscope display on your Commodore 64 or PET.

  • Technical Tips
    • Prime Numbers - A program for estimating the number of prime numbers between 1 and 1000.
    • Adding a Hex Keypad to Your PET/CBM - Instructions for constructing a Hex based keypad for your Commodore.
    • Inverse Trigonometric Functions - A program using inverse trigonometric functions to calculate distance.

  • 64 Users Only
    • Screen Box Data Display Routines - Code to add input and output data boxes to your own programs.
    • Memory Loader/Saver for the Commodore 64 - A program for saving different sections of Commodore 64 memory to disk.
    • Appending Machine Code Routines to Your BASIC Programs for the 64 - A program for easily adding machine code subroutines to your BASIC Commodore 64 programs.

  • PET/CBM Users Only: Line Formatting - A tool for making your program listings easier to read.
  • Table of Contents from the September/October 1984 issue of Commodore MicroComputers (continued)


    • Hardware: HesModem I - Review of a 300 baud modem for the Commodore 64 and VIC 20.

    • Software
      • Database Manager - Review of a rather generically named database management program for the Commodore 64.
      • Tool 64 - A tool for programming that adds more BASIC commands as well as various editing and debugging utilities.
      • Write Now! - Review of a simple word processing program for the Commodore 64.


    • Letters - Letters about cryptography and VIC 20s used in hospitals among other topics.

    • Editor's Notes - Coverage of the June 1984 Consumer Electronics Show.

    • Industry News - An article about the expected massive growth in software (sales not size though both had massive growth).

    • User Groups - A list of Commodore related user groups throughout the country.

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