Commodore Horizons (July 1984)

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Commodore Horizons was a magazine covering the Commodore 64 and other Commodore 8-bit computers published in the U.K. The first issues was December/January 1984 and the final issues was March 1986. Starting with issue 27 (April 1986) it became Commodore and Amiga Horizons. The July 1984 issue includes:

  • Letters - This month Beaver Software bites back, we've some programming tips and the chart debate is revived.
  • News - The Evil Dead reach for your 64, games prices plummet and new hardware abounds.
  • Games software - Peter Gerrard among the spaceships, monsters, aliens and - plumbers?
  • Business software - Mike Grace reviews word processing packages for the 64.
  • Which printer - Daisywheel or dot matrix? Ken Casemore compares the merits of budget printers of each type - Commodore's MPS801 and the Smith-Corona TP1.
  • Profile - Taskset's Andy Walker explains his "64 only" policy to Chris Jenkins.
  • Star game - Ever fancied yourself as a space pilot? Test your skill with this 64 listing.
  • Super expander expounded - Colin Walls explains just what you can do with the Vic 20's Super Expander.

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