Commodore 64 Ad: S&S Wholesalers, Inc.

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Commodore Magazine (July 1988)

You could always find tons of ads in Commodore related magazines from places that sold Commodore hardware and software. Some stuck around and others came and went. The above ad is from a place called S&S Wholesalers, Inc. and was located in Miami Beach. It is from the July 1988 issue of Commodore Magazine.

Their advertising also is a little misleading as most of the prices listed require purchasing additional items. You could get blank disks for 19 cents each but only if you also bought something to hold them in. The next item advertised is a "Commodore C64 Computer" for $99. The picture looks like a Commodore 64C which was a newer model. It was a good price for the time as a C64C was more typically in the $140 to $160 range. But were you really getting a C64C or the older model? Plus, it required the purchase of a software package and exactly what software packages qualified and how much they cost is not mentioned.

The pattern continues with a printer for $99 but only with purchase of a printer stand...a Commodore 128D computer for $499 but only with the purchase of a software package...and a 12" color monitor for $139 but only with the purchase of a monitor cable. There were a couple of items that appear not to have required additional purchases. One was a joystick for $12.90 and a 300 Baud Modem for $19.90 which wasn't a bad price but 300 baud was slow, even for the time.

To be fair, I'm sure it was a perfectly legitimate company. I just doubt the prices were as good as they seemed after making the additional required purchases.

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It's frustrating that one has to buy 50 diskettes to get the discount.

Of course the best way to do back ups is to rotate the disks in groups of threes. One would do three back ups in groups A, B and C, then do the next back up on A. If the back up size was 16 disks, then you would need 50 diskettes.

Some diskettes had bad sectors. So, the 50 pack was reasonable.


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I don't think my backup habits were very good when the Commodore 64 was my main computer. Still, I never had any problems with any of my disks. Even many years later when I got an adapter to hook up the disk drive to a PC to copy all the data over things still worked fine. I still have the disks but it's been a while since I've tried to use them.

I guess less than $10 for 50 disks isn't bad though...assuming they work of course. It would be nice if you could find 5.25" disks for that price now...

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