ANALOG Computing (February 1986)

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ANALOG Computing was probably the most popular Atari 8-bit computer magazine, at least in North America. However, it also covered the Atari ST at times and that includes Atari's display at COMDEX 1985. Also prominently displayed at COMDEX that year was the Atari 130XE. The XE line represented the last of the Atari 8-bit computers.

The Feburary 1986 issue of ANALOG Computing includes:


  • Unicheck - ANALOG Computing's universal checksum program.
  • High Noon - The showdown between Atari's 520ST and Commodore's Amiga for first place in home computing.
  • Load It - Autoboots any BASIC or machine language program.
  • Adventurous Programming - Dare to write your own adventure? Clayton gets you started.
  • Utilities for the 520ST - An in-depth look at what "tools" are available now for the Atari 520ST.
  • Formatter - Format 5.25-inch disks endlessly - and quickly!
  • Debug+ - A screen-oriented, machine language debugging utility.
  • C-manship, Part 1 - The first of a series of C programming tutorials for the beginner.
  • COMDEX 1985: Atari's back! - Atari can say, "We came, we saw, we conquered."
  • Calc Pi - A simple example of programming in C for the ST, in BASIC for the 8-bit users.


  • SmartDOS - (The Programmer's Workshop) This DOS has a number of nice features, is it really the best?
  • Sparta DOS - (ICD, Inc.) We evaluate the performance of another DOS for the Atari.
  • Hippo ST Ramdisk - (Hippopotamus Software) Set aside any size portion of memory for use as a ramdisk.
  • XM301 - (Atari Corp.) This classy little modem is just what we've been waiting for.
  • Disk Wizard II - (C.A.P. Software) Four menu-driven disk utlities.
  • Critical Connection - (USS Enterprises) This powerful accessory means business.


  • Editorial
  • Reader Comment
  • New Products
  • ST News

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