ANALOG Computing (April 1987)

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ANALOG Computing was probably the most successful magazine dedicated to Atari 8-bit computers. If you watch closely, you can see at least one issue lying around in Ready Player One which I just watched the other day. By 1987 the last generation of Atari 8-bits (the XE series) had already been around a couple years and ANALOG was also giving some coverage to the Atari ST. The April 1987 issue of ANALOG Computing includes:


  • Music during the Musical Blank Interrupt - Part 3 in our series details what's involved in accomplishing music during the VBI.
  • Background Printer -= A device handler which lets your printer do its thing while you are doing yours.
  • Floyd the Droid Goes Blastin' - Wipe out the mutants just for kicks in this new machine-language game.
  • HardCopy and CheckWriter - Adding these two programs to MicroCheck (from issue 27) lets you prepare multiple copies and print checks.
  • Multicopy - A versatile utility for copying files, made even easier by keyboard or joystick use.
  • Bits & Pieces - The BSR home controller is just an article away from your Atari.


  • Lightspeed C - A detailed look at this structured language.
  • Soundwave 1 and Soundwave 8 - Two sequencers for the ST - do they live up to their claims?
  • The Learning Phone - Check out the Atari Plato cartridge.
  • Screens - Tricky screen formats are yours with this inexpensive, useful utility.
  • The New Technology Coloring Book - Hi-tech coloring for children.
  • Nite Lite - A close examination of one of the popular BBSs for the 8-bit and the Atari ST, too.
  • The Atari ST User's Guide - How worthy is the new ST Logo guide?
  • Blazing Paddles - Is this recently introduced art program an 8-bit DEGAS?


  • Editorial
  • Reader comment
  • M/L Editor
  • Scheduled Atari Fairs
  • ST notes
  • Atari Users' Groups

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Nice sharing on technology.

I remember Atari well. I know several people who went all in on there stock only to loose there butt when the gaming wars started with Nintendo.
We have sure come a long way since then.

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Sup Dork?!? Enjoy the Upvote!!!

Ah old school gaming.. the closest I came to Atari was an IBM 386 (I think). Larry vs Bird. No pong or anything that basic. Although I think my uncle may have had an Atari and I know for certain he had a Commodore 64.

Take care.

The Commodore 64 was my first computer. I owned an Atari 800 later on though. I still love my Commodore 64. :)