Amiga World Tech Journal (October 1991)

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Cover and Table of Contents of the October 1991 issue of Amiga World Tech Journal

Amiga World Tech Journal was a publication that was targeted to a more technical audience. It was an excellent resource for those who programmed or were interested in programming on the Amiga. It even included a disk that had various source code and executables related to the articles. The October 1991 issue includes:


  • The Complete Guide for the Blittering Idiot - How to use the Amiga's Blitter chip. The Blitter could do things like copy areas of the screen, clear or set any rectangle on the screen, merge data from multiple sources, shift pixels horizontally or vertically, and much more.

  • Extending ARexx - Building menus and requestors with Amiga's scripting language and certain libraries.

  • Global Parlor Tricks - Algorithms for map projections.

  • Multitasking in Amiga BASIC - Creating BASIC programs on the Amiga that take advantage of its multitasking capabilities.

  • Modular Programming in C - Creating structured programs by using modules in C.

  • Building an ARexx Function Host - A function host is a resident program that can perform functions triggered by ARexx.


  • TurboText 1.02 - An advanced text editor for the Amiga that includes ARexx support.

Back cover of the October 1991 issue of Amiga World Tech Journal


  • Message Port - Why it's a bad idea to exploit bugs or undocumented features in your programs.

  • Digging Deep in the OS - Processing input on the amiga using INPUT.DEVICE.

  • Graphics Handler - Two new video modes for the Amiga.

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